CODEX Overview

transformational symbols

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What is the CODEX?

The Star Language CODEX is comprised of 180 symbols reproduced on 60 triangular cards plus a 180 page manual.  The  manual itself is the basis of the CODEX providing a powerful way of working with the symbols in a creative, fun and fulfilling way.

The CODEX is designed so that anyone can work with it. No prior skill or knowledge is needed. You work through each section of the manual at your own pace, with each level preparing you for the next. The intention is that you grow increasingly, spiritually confident, until your own inner guidance eclipses the CODEX. The goal of the CODEX is to prepare you for your personal awakening to Higher Truths, without limiting you to one Truth and to bring you to a point of personal mastery.

The Star Language CODEX has nine, distinct, interlocking levels, which lead, not only to the expansion of consciousness into other dimensions, but also to direct communication with your Higher Self in all other dimensions. This allows you to influence your present life, and all other lives, that are occurring multi-dimensionally.

Each CODEX level builds on the previous one, adding new layers of spiritual awareness, as each step is mastered. The time it takes to master each level depends on you and you are encouraged to work with the Star Languages indefinitely, making it a spiritual lifestyle.

The nine levels of working with the Star language CODEX, involve the powerful and creative elements of Star Being Knowledge, Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, Sigils, Divine Blueprints and more. As well as practical techniques, there are amazing, cosmic concepts. Mastering all nine levels is the basis for achieving personal mastery. You will begin to live in a reality, which is no longer confined to the physical dimension and its limitations.

The journey that you take when you work with the CODEX is only the beginning of a greater journey through life.

Working with multi-dimensional energies.

The most profound part of the Star Languages is the powerful, multi-dimensional energies of the symbols themselves.  These energies can be harnessed by you for transformational change and spiritual expansion. The CODEX manual provides you with both set ways of working with the energies as well as allowing you the opportunity to find your own unique way.
$49.95 + shipping